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017-558-1.pdf 017-558-1 Rev. E 3-Wire 4" Petroleum Wiring Diagram
042-114-1.pdf 042-114-1 Rev. B Flexible Siphon Pipe - Installation Instructions
042-127.pdf 042-127 Rev. C Line Pressure Transducer Installation
042-153-1_Espanol.pdf 042-153-1_Espanol 4" Standard Submersible Petroleum & AG Pumps - Espanol - Instalacion, Operacion, Manteniniento y Repuestos (042-153-1-C) (PDF)
042-153-1_Francais.pdf 042-153-1_Francais Pompe Submersibles de 4 Pouces a Essence & AG - Francais
042-224-1.pdf 042-224-1 Rev A Maxxum Big Flo Siphon Installation Instructions
042-231-1.pdf 042-231-1 Rev A 6" Maxxum - 5-wire Conduit Bushing Installation Instructions
042-232-1.pdf 042-232-1 Rev A 6" Maxxum - 5-wire Male Connector Installation Instructions
042-235-1.pdf 042-235-1 Rev B Lock-Down Screw Installation Instructions
042-243-1.pdf 042-243-1 Rev A Transducer Adapter Fittings Kit
051-273_Espanol.pdf 051-273_Espanol Quick-Set™ Install. - English/Spanish
051-301-1_Espanol.pdf 051-301-1_Espanol Maxxum Big Flo - Espanol - Bombas Sumergibles de 6"
051-301-1_Francais.pdf 051-301-1_Francais Maxxum Big Flo - Francais
051-325-1.pdf 051-325-1 Rev A Maxxum Big Flo Installation Instructions Sheet
576047-083.pdf 576047-083 Rev B The Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump
576047-191.pdf 576047-191 - Rev. A - Optimize Flow - Maximize Profits - Why Red Jacket
Fuel Pumping Solutions - Boosting flow and your bottom line.
576047-193.pdf 576047-193 - Rev. A Why Red Jacket - Owner / Operator Benefits
576047-229.pdf VR Product Family Row Poster
576047-232.pdf 576047-232 - Red Jacket Trapper Datasheet
576047-237.pdf 576047-237 - Rev A - Red Jacket Maxxum BigFlo SpecSheet
576047-290 Rev-B.pdf 576047-290 Rev B - Veeder-Root Red Jacket CoreDEF STP Configuration
576047-305_C.pdf 576047-305 - Red Jacket Fuel Compatibility Sheet
576047-306_A.pdf 576047-306 - The Red Jacket® STP Fixed Speed Conversion Kit
577014-053.pdf 577014-053 Rev G Red Jacket UMP Replacement Instructions
A042-078.pdf 042-078-1 Rev E 4" Pump Service Kit Installation
D051-301.pdf D051-301 Rev V Maxxum Big Flo 6
LPGbrochure.pdf LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Submersible Pump Brochure - Premier and Premiere HiFlow
LPGMidflow.pdf LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Submersible Pump Brochure - Premier MidFlow
Red_Jacket_Family_Brochure.pdf 576047-113 Rev A Red Jacket Family Brochure
Product brochure details features and benefits of Red Jacket fuel control products from submersible pumps to flow optimization software
RJ 5190.pdf RJ 5190Petroleum Product Service Manual
RJ-23-25.pdf RJ-23-25 FSB - Submersible Pumps - Length & Tank Configuration
RJ-23-32.pdf RJ-23-32 Use of Mechanical/Dryseal Pipe Threads
RJ-23-33.pdf RJ-23-33 Submersible Pumps in Water
RJ-23-35.pdf RJ-23-35 FSB - Functional Element
RJ-23-40.pdf RJ-23-40 FSB - Check Valve for RJ 4” Submersible Pumps
RJ-23-46.pdf RJ-23-46 Rev. B FSB - 4" Submersible Packer-Discharge Seal
RJ-23-48.pdf RJ-23-48 FSB - Mechanical Pumps & Leak Detector - Fuel Compatibility