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MDE-5411B.pdf MDE-5411B ForeHB Islander PRIME Installation Manual · 2/20
This manual describes the Islander PRIME Fuel Island Controller, which is part of the ForeHB solution. It provides a general description of the product, a detailed description of the modules, as well as installation and maintenance guidelines.
MDE-5414A.pdf MDE-5414A SiteOmat Setup and Maintenance Manual · 02/19
This manual provides the setup instructions for the SiteOmat360 software application. This software is the heart of Gasboy®’s solution for close monitoring, tight control, and successful operation of Homebase Fueling Stations and vehicle fleets.
MDE-5415A.pdf MDE-5415A SiteOmat360 User Manual · June 2019
This manual describes SiteOmat360 software application of Gasboy®, and provides instructions on how to use the various features offered by the application
PT-1963G.pdf PT-1963G Gasboy PLUS and PRIME Illustrated Spare Parts Manual · 09/19
Parts manual for Gasboy Fleet PRIME and PLUS.