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MDE-4877.pdf MDE-4877 Cancel Transaction Decal Installation Instructions for CFN III · 11/09
This document provides instructions to install the Cancel Transaction Decal on Island Card Readers (ICRs) that are under the direct control of the CFN III Site Controller
MDE-4892.pdf MDE-4892 C01533 and C05899 Modems Setup Instructions · 02/10
This document provides modem setup instructions for the C01533 PC Package/Answer Modem and C05899 Credit/Debit Card Network Modem
MDE-4974A.pdf MDE-4974A Boundless VT 520 Terminal and Okidata Printer Setup for Gasboy Fuel Management Systems · 10/12
This document describes the setup parameters for the Boundless VT 520 terminal and printer switch settings for the Okidata 184/186 printer, when connected to one of the Gasboy Fuel Management Systems
PT-1953.pdf PT-1953 Islander II Spare Parts Kit 09/05
Spare parts manual for Gasboy Islander II
PT-1954.pdf PT-1954 Fuel Point Parts Manual 08/05
Gasboy Fuel Point Part Manual
PT-1955.pdf PT-1955 CFN Islander Replacement Parts 08/05
Replacement parts for Gasboy CFN Islander
SP7046.pdf SP7046 How to edit the Putprice command default to allow pricing above $5 per gallon 5/08
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